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Dentures remain a simple and convenient solution for tooth loss at all ages and stages. Removable dentures can be designed for your specific level of tooth loss, whether you have partial or full tooth loss in one or both arches. Our team at Preston Family Dental can help you determine if dentures are a good restorative fit for you.

New Technology for Better Comfort & Staying Power

Today’s dentures are designed to be more effective and comfortable than dentures of the past. They are built to stay in place amidst strenuous movements such as speaking and chewing, leaving patients with fully restored abilities. A great set of dentures can do a lot more than restoring normal functions to the mouth; they can also reset the shape and structure of the face. When well cared for, dentures can last up to ten years.

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Tooth loss can lead to significant decreases in a patient’s overall quality of life, including difficulty with normal activities, a loss of confidence, and impacts on overall oral health. If tooth loss is affecting you, reach out to our dentists to learn about your options for having comfortable, durable dentures created to fill the gaps and help you return to life as usual.

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