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Dental Crowns Near You

When a tooth is damaged or cosmetically flawed, dental crowns provide a beautiful, strong restorative option. Our dentists have helped many patients protect and restore damaged teeth and improve the appearance of the teeth using dental crowns. Permanent crowns can be made from a variety of materials and constructed to perfectly match the size, colour, and shape of the natural tooth. Ask our dentists to learn if dental crowns in Cambridge are right for you.

The Process for Dental Crowns Near You

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that fits over a prepared tooth, covering it from the chewing surface to the gum line. Every dental crown that we fit is custom-made for your mouth to ensure a perfect fit and manufactured by a professional dental lab. dental crowns near you typically take two appointments.

During your first appointment, we will take moulds of your tooth to be sent to the dental lab. We will also prepare the tooth by removing some of the structure so that the crown can be fitted over the top and aligned perfectly with the surrounding teeth. We will provide you with a temporary crown and ask you to be more cautious about what you eat and how you brush and floss your teeth until your next appointment. At the next appointment, we will remove the temporary crown and cement your permanent crown in place, letting you walk out with an intact smile!

Learn More About Cosmetic & Restorative Options

Our dentists are dedicated to providing patients with every available option for restorative and cosmetic procedures. We understand that tooth loss and tooth damage is a lifelong issue, so we want to make sure you have all the information you have to make the best decision for your health.

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