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Preston Family Dental provides fixed bridges as a long-term restorative option for mild tooth loss. To create a dental bridge, your dentist will place a false tooth in the gap where your missing tooth was, securing it firmly to the teeth on either side (usually with the assistance of dental crowns placed over the natural teeth). Our dentists can mimic the look and feel of your natural tooth, fully restoring your ability to eat and smile with confidence.

The Process for Creating & Securing Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are created and fitted over the span of two appointments. In your first appointment, we will prepare the abutment teeth (the supportive teeth on either side of the gap). Next, we will take detailed moulds to ensure that your bridge can be created as a perfect fit in your mouth. At your second appointment, we will fit, place, and secure your bridge, ensuring that you get lasting results.

Find Out if Dental Bridges Are Right for You

Dental bridges are a very flexible option for restoration, and many patients are good candidates. If you would like to learn more about the process, cost, or lifespan of dental bridges for your tooth loss, reach out to our dental team for a customized consultation.

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