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Root Canals Near You

Our dentists’ top priority is preserving your natural teeth. Even when significant decay leads to infections inside a tooth, we can continue to preserve the tooth with a root canal procedure in Cambridge. This allows us to preserve your bite so you can maintain full functionality of the tooth. It also prevents additional dental considerations, such as misalignments of the surrounding teeth or dental restorations to fill the remaining gap.

How Root Canals Treat Infections Near You

Infected teeth are painful teeth. When bacteria work their way into the root canals of a tooth through cavities, the bacteria can infect the tooth pulp (a substance made up of blood vessels and nerves that helps the tooth develop). The infected tooth pulp becomes inflamed and often causes significant pain in the tooth or gums. If this occurs and you visit our dentists, we will take x-rays to determine whether there is an infection. If there is, we will recommend that you have a root canal procedure near you performed as soon as possible to prevent the spread of the infection.

Our dentists perform simple and straightforward root canals right here in our Cambridge dental clinic. This means you don’t need to wait long times to see a dentist. Instead, you can have your procedure taken care of quickly and comfortably by your own dentist and dental care team.

Call Us About Tooth Pain: Root Canal Near You

If you experience severe tooth pain or gum pain, don’t wait to get in touch. An infection in the root canals can be a serious condition that spreads to other parts of the head and body. Reach out to our team right away for a last-minute emergency appointment.

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