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Emergency Dentist in Cambridge, ON

Emergency Dentist Near You

When you have a dental emergency near you, our experienced team is here to assist you. We reserve appointments for emergency situations, ensuring that you always have access to dental care when you need it most. Keep our dental clinic’s phone number handy in your phone to make sure you can contact us quickly if you need an emergency dentist in Cambridge.

Emergency dentist performs dental surgery operation in modern dentist clinic
Man requiring emergency dentist for toothache

When to Call for an Emergency Appointment

Dental emergencies happen so infrequently that patients often don’t know what to expect or when to call for an appointment. Here are a few situations that require immediate care from a dentist or physician:


  • A knocked-out tooth (or teeth)
  • A partially dislodged tooth
  • Injuries or impact to the mouth, jaw, or soft tissue
  • Severe bleeding in the mouth
  • Severe tooth pain or gum pain
  • Abscessed gums (which presents as a pimple-like protrusion on your gums)

Don’t Wait When It’s an Emergency

Sometimes, patients wait until a dental emergency becomes extremely severe. However, seeking urgent care often means we will be able to provide you with more options. For example, a knocked-out tooth may be able to be replaced in the mouth within one hour of it being dislodged. If you have a dental emergency in Cambridge, be sure to reach out to us right away!

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