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General Dentistry

Our team is very experienced with all regular dental hygiene and corrective procedures. These include x-rays, moulds, teeth cleanings, scaling, fluoride applications, basic fillings of cavities, crowns, bridges, and more. The focus is always on making the patient aware of the value of preventative dentistry and how they can be proactive in maintaining their teeth by adhering to a dental health regimen.

Restorative Dentistry

Our dentists will make a definitive diagnosis before recommending any large-scale dental procedure. But if required, we are able to accommodate patients for more advanced procedures like root canals among others.


Periodontal dentistry focuses on gums and other supporting structures around the teeth and the risk of inflammatory disease. Folks who have gums that are bleeding, sore, or tender, are encouraged to see Dr. Mandy McIntosh, our periodontist, who makes regular appointments here at Preston Dental. She provides periodontal care along with dental implants, gum rejuvenation, bone grafting and more.

Oral Surgery

We can provide tooth extractions, corrective jaw surgery, dental implants, wisdom tooth removal, maxillofacial surgeries, restorative oral tissue surgery, testing for the diagnosis of diseases like oral cancer, and more. Our dentists will discuss all corrective or restorative surgery options with you in detail before you decide on your course of action. We’ll also clearly explain what you can expect during the procedure itself, as well as the benefits you should receive following it.

Sedation Dentistry

We are pleased to be able to offer sedation dentistry (also known as sleep dentistry) to our Cambridge patients for most of our dental or oral surgery procedures. With oral sedation, you’ll be comfortable and relaxed during your treatment. Ask us for details.


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