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Like any part of the body, the mouth is subject to injuries, damage, and variations. There are two main ways that dental devices protect the mouth from these conditions: First, an extra protective layer can reduce friction and soften impacts to the teeth and jaws. Second, dental appliances near you can help shift the mouth or teeth into more desirable positions. We offer a wide selection of some of the most common dental appliances to help you overcome a range of potential issues, protecting your teeth and health for long-term benefits.

Night Guards

The teeth are moving parts of the body that can sometimes be subject to pressure and friction. Nighttime grinding and clenching of the teeth (a condition known as bruxism) is fairly common among patients and occurs for various reasons. This condition can damage the teeth and jaw and cause patients a great deal of pain. The most simple and effective solution is a custom-made nightguard that provides a protective barrier for the teeth. If you suffer from tooth pain, jaw pain, headaches, earaches, or other pain and tension in the face, jaw, and mouth, talk to our dentists about having a nightguard created for your teeth.


Although we usually consider our teeth fixed in place, they are subject to movement. This is desirable when a patient undergoes an orthodontic treatment to straighten the teeth. However, it can be bothersome after treatment when the teeth naturally begin to shift back into their original positions. To guard and reinforce your newly shifted teeth after having braces or other orthodontic devices, we can provide dentist-designed retainers that fix your teeth in place permanently, giving you lasting results.

Sports Mouth Guards

When you play hard, there is always a risk of injury. Athletes in sports that pose a significant risk of falls or blows to the mouth are often forward-thinking when it comes to their oral health. We provide custom sports mouth guards that won’t slide out of place or fall out on the field or arena while you play. Instead, you’ll get lasting comfort, easy breathing, and complete protection for your teeth, mouth, and jaw.

Snoring Devices & Sleep Apnea Devices

Snoring and sleep apnea are conditions that affect the breathing passages to varying degrees. Although both conditions disturb healthy sleep patterns, sleep apnea can lead to more serious outcomes. The good news is that there are dentist-made solutions to help you (and a sleeping partner, if you have one!) get more rest and breathe easily throughout the night. Preston Family Dental offers a wide range of oral devices designed for these purposes.


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